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Parish News

A History of All Saints Parish Church, Ulcombe​

An event, that had been scheduled to take place just before Coronavirus struck, finally took place on the afternoon of the 16th  October in Ulcombe Church. There was an open invitation to all the villagers and a good number turned up.

The event was the launch of the new history of Ulcombe Church by The Friends of All Saints, Ulcombe. The previous history, written in the 1980s, had run out and a new history with a different layout and more information, has been written by Molly Poulter. It contains a numbered plan of the church’s interesting features,  excellent photographs by Christopher Rigby,  and a beautiful design by Alex Hawes who was born and grew up in the village. 

The Committee of the Friends decided to give every household a free copy, following the precedent set at the millennium when all the residents of Ulcombe received a free copy of Ulcombe’s Story.

 It was an enjoyable afternoon. The Rector, John Huggins and Molly Poulter and John Kenward, Chairman and Treasurer of the Friends, gave brief talks. People then collected their histories and enjoyed the tea and the delicious cakes provided by Rhian Banham and others.

Those villagers unable to come to the launch will have their copy delivered in the next few days by committee members. 

The committee feels relieved that the histories, which have been carefully stored over the past year, are now being found a home!

Ulcombe Parish Council Parish News

History of Mining Talk

Thank you to everyone who came along for Simon Odam’s presentation of "The History of Mining including the Kent Coalfields" last Tuesday night. It was lovely to see so many people - both old and new faces - for our first talk since the lockdown started in March 2020. Simon gave us a great insight into the technical side of mining, both past and present, as well as explaining the political and social history of the industry. The excellent musical and dramatic pieces by our local performers and the anecdotes of some ex miners really helped to show what it had been like to work in the industry. We are indebted to the village hall tea team and those who set up and cleared the hall - all in all a great community effort! Finally, a big thank you to Simon for all his hard work in putting together the event and enabling us to relaunch our programme so successfully. 
Ulcombe History Society


Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to those who organised and attended the Macmillan Coffee Morning in Ulcombe Village Hall on Saturday 11th September. The event raised £1429.87