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Emergency Plans

Following the recent flooding Ulcombe a group of volunteers have produced a community flood plan. This will assist residents should this happen again.


The parish council has provided funding for the community supplies that will be available to residents in the event of another flood.


The main source of flooding in Ulcombe is flash flooding. When this occurs, the flash flooding on Ulcombe Hill and of the stream to the east of The Street, mostly impacts the group of properties which occupy the lowest ground in the centre of the village. Other properties in and around Ulcombe can also be impacted by flash flooding, more often on a more isolated basis, but not in the same concentration as the properties located in the centre of the village. The source of the stream, impacting the village centre, is located in the orchards to the east of All Saints Church, on Ulcombe Hill, and its course runs behind the houses on the eastern side of The Street until it crosses under the road, near ‘Chadwell’, ‘Waterside’ and the village school. Thereafter, it continues on the western side out towards the ponds in the private woodland known as ‘Lodge Close’. Flooding can also occur from a spur of the stream on the eastern side of The Street, which runs south behind the houses from ‘Rill House’ to ‘Piglets’ (the Oast house opposite the village school) and onwards towards Eastwood Road, where it crosses beneath the road to the side of ‘Eden Lodge’/’Rose Cottage’. Flash flooding has also been noted on Eastwood Road at Pye Corner, as run-off from Windmill Hill and the adjacent fields. Additional run-off flooding has also been noted in the Street Farm area, to the western side of The Street in Ulcombe village.


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